A pre-owned vehicle is a more affordable alternative to expensive new vehicles, but they come with a certain level of risk. While they won't see a dramatic decrease in value once driven off the lot, they aren't entirely free from problems either. A significant number of pre-owned vehicles retain their value over time. There's true for the vast number of available pre-owned General Motors vehicles, but which ones will hold their value the best over time?

The Chevrolet Silverado returned to Kelley Blue Book's Top 10 Best Resale Value Awards list for another year running. Notably the second-bestselling vehicle in the United States, pre-owned Silverado models are fairly easy to find and boast a strong reputation for excellence. Reliability comes standard in every model. Kelley Blue Book predicted the Silverado would have a resale value of 63 percent after three years.

The Chevrolet Colorado hasn't been back for long, but it's already blazing onto Kelley Blue Book's Top 10 Best Resale Value Awards list. Placing sixth, the midsize pickup returned just two years ago and hasn't left the list yet. Experts predict that the Colorado would see a 61 percent resale value after three years and nearly 50 percent after five years.

The Chevrolet Bolt is an electric vehicle that hasn't been out very long, but it sure is impressive. A vehicle drivers will likely keep for the long haul, the Bolt features an EPA-estimated 238-mile range, making it practical for weekend trips*. While it may not be cheaper than conventional vehicles, the Bolt offers the best resale value in its class, according to Kelley Blue Book. At three years old, the Chevrolet Bolt manages to retain around 30 percent of its value, easily topping competitors.

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*Use for comparison only. EPA estimates. Actual mileage will vary.


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