There's often an undeserved stigma that surrounds used cars. It stems, perhaps, from years ago, when vehicles weren't made to last the way they are today. At Harvey Chevrolet, we understand the fear that comes with buying used. Buyers worry that there may be something wrong with the vehicle, or that their new car, truck, or SUV will break down unexpectedly and require costly repairs. The last thing a person wants is to finance a car, and then have to spend more money on repairs shortly after.

In response to these concerns, at Harvey Chevrolet we do everything we can to ensure that you get a vehicle in great shape, and that you can feel confident in its condition. One way we do this is by backing almost all of our used vehicles with our Harvey Lifetime Limited Powertrain Warranty. This warranty covers three major components to your vehicle's performance: the engine, the transmission, and the drive axle. Repairs to these parts can be very costly, but this Limited Powertrain Warranty protects you from having to pay for these repairs. If your transmission is acting up or your drive axle is having problems, then your used vehicle's warranty will cover the repairs of your breakdown.

At Harvey Chevrolet, we also know that life doesn't stop for repairs. Sometimes finding the time to deal with a malfunctioning vehicle seems impossible. For that reason, our Limited Powertrain Warranty also provides rental car coverage while your vehicle is getting its warranty-covered repairs.

Our Limited Powertrain Warranty lasts for as long as you own the vehicle. This means that anytime after your purchase of a used vehicle from Harvey Chevrolet, you are protected from the financial burden of breakdowns. We always want our customers to feel confident and cared for when buying a car at Harvey Chevrolet, and hope that our Limited Powertrain Warranty provides our customers with the peace of mind they need to feel good about their new vehicle.

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