Not long ago, buying a used car sometimes felt like risky business. Buyers couldn't be certain of what they were getting, and vehicles seemed to age more rapidly. But in today's market, vehicles are built to last longer, to be smarter, and to run reliably for years to come. So on a lot like Harvey Chevrolet, you're guaranteed to find used vehicles that might be better choices than new models of the same kind. Here are several reasons why buying used is smarter than buying new. Finding the right used car, truck, or SUV is a process that's determined by your budget, your needs, your preferences, and even what's available. The variety of used cars at Harvey's Chevrolet is a perfect place to begin your search!

Value And Variety At Every Turn
When you buy a new car, it depreciates in value significantly the moment it's driven off of the lot. Between that moment and the first year of ownership, a new car will depreciate 30%, meaning that you can get a car just one or two years old for a significantly lower price. Plus, a lower price tag also means lower costs on things like taxes and car insurance, saving you money across the board on used vehicles. Our commitment to our customers means offering one of the most diverse inventories of available used cars near Blacksburg. We're constantly on the lookout for quality used cars, which is why our inventory is constantly evolving. You'll find used cars and SUVs from more than a dozen manufacturers on our lot at any given time, and often more! This variety gives you options, and who knows? You just might find something you didn't expect at a price you don't want to miss.

Used Cars, Different Categories
Our used cars near Christiansburg are as diverse as the drivers shopping for them, which is why you'll find distinct categories within our used inventory.
  • Under $20,000: There's tremendous value here! Some of our Under $20,000 inventory are more recent models with lower mileage. Others are priced well below the threshold, and are an ideal source of inexpensive transportation.
  • Many dealerships participate in CPO (certified pre-owned) programs. These programs use standards set by individual automobile manufacturers to test a used car's condition. A used car can be sold as a CPO vehicle if it's new enough, has few enough miles, and is essentially in like-new condition. CPO programs reassure buyers with these standards, plus often offer warranties similar to those that come with new vehicles. CPO options are still less expensive than new, but offer the same sort of benefits.
  • Under 10,000 Miles: As the category implies, these used cars and SUVs near Salem, VA, have barely been driven, and offer significant savings over their new counterparts.
  • Certified Pre-Owned: Enjoy the best of everything, as these used cars are sold complete with factory warranties!
Harvey's Chevrolet In Radford Is Always Happy To Help

Finding the right used car might seem like an overwhelming proposition, but it doesn't have to be. The team at Harvey's Chevrolet will not only help you find the right used car, but also at the right price! There are several advantages to buying a used car from Harvey's. Let us show all of them to you. Stop by and take a used car or SUV for a test drive!

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