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Harvey's Chevrolet Offers a Full Range of Necessary Maintenance for Your Vehicle In Radford, VA

Stay on top of vehicle maintenance at Harvey's Chevrolet, where we offer convenient service options for everyday upkeep like oil changes, tire rotation, body work, and brake repair.

Brake Service

It's easy to take your brakes for granted until something goes wrong. For the peace of mind in knowing that you'll always be able to bring your vehicle to a stop when you need to, keep your brake pad changes up to date and schedule the occasional flush of brake fluid from the system. Your brakes rely on pressure created by a hydraulic system, and brake fluid, like engine oil or transmission fluid, can break down over time as moisture becomes embedded in it. Your brake lines can also slowly allow air in, creating bubbles that result in unsteady performance when you press the brake pedal. Our experts can replace your brakes and keep you safe on the roads.

Maintaining your brakes isn't as predictable a process as oil changes, because much of the wear and tear comes from driving style and daily routes, which will differ for each driver. Stay alert for cues like a noisy squealing or weak stopping power when you press the brake pedal. You can't put off brake repair, as future repairs will be even more expensive or might result in you losing brake power altogether. If you're having difficulty stopping normally, you should bring your vehicle in to our Blacksburg area service center immediately.

Regular Oil Changes

While some drivers may view oil changes as a slight nuisance, the benefits you'll get from clean oil really make staying on top of changes worthwhile. Microscopic dust from your engine gets caught up in your oil, acting exactly like a scouring pad on delicate and precision parts. This ages your engine prematurely in addition to lowering your gas mileage with inefficient performance. The money you'll save by keeping engine oil clean will add up over time in saved fuel costs and a higher asking price when it's time to sell or trade in your vehicle.

Tire Services

Drivers may appreciate the smooth, worry-free ride from a set of optimally inflated tires, but there are other benefits to keeping them properly filled with air and rotated frequently. Wear spots develop, causing you to replace a tire early when you might have had months or years of further use from it. The inconvenience of repairing a flat tire when you least expect it is also something most drivers dread but can be kept to a minimum with proper tire care.

Body Repair

While every driver in the Christiansburg area hopes to avoid an unfortunate fender bender or a tangle with a runaway shopping cart, the truth is that most of us wind up with a few scratches or dents on our vehicle the longer we own it. Our fully equipped collision center and staff of repair specialists can erase every trace of calamity, returning your vehicle to you with a factory color match repair that leaves the exterior looking as good as new. You don't have to live with unsightly damage to your exterior when our Salem, VA area professionals can fix it so easily.

Schedule Your Service Online

Whether you need regular maintenance done or want to repair a damaged exterior, our online scheduling tool simplifies booking an appointment, allowing you to choose the time and day that will work conveniently with your own schedule. You can also shop our service specials to find a deal on your next routine maintenance or repair. Don't hesitate to ask for advice about the right schedule for maintenance work like oil changes or tire rotations. Our technicians always use the manufacturer recommended schedule so your vehicle receives the highest standard of individualized care when you bring it to us. Check out our service FAQ if you still are deciding if you need service.

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